Experience in the use of Erogen X

Family life Erik in Stockholm for many years did not go well, due to the small size of their country. He was very worried, but he decided to buy the gel Erogen X. The tool, which has helped to keep the family together, and to Eric share his experiences with the use of the tool.

Eric bought an Erogenous, X, to increase your member

"I got married very early, and it was my first and only love for life. My wife is a little older than I am, prior to the meeting, I was in a serious relationship. She was my first in the bed in front of her, I was still a virgin.

I have to say that I am very shy in intimate matters, but my wife is a sex bomb. And she wants the sex, and the day and the night, was now somewhat abated, but for the first time after her marriage, she just never leaves me. I bring you the joy and pleasant sensations, I was confused by only one thing – that is my size of a member.

Why does the wife of me, for a change

My cock is barely up to a height of 11 inches, and I have always been very concerned about this. The wife, sometimes the people laughed at him, also called him "kid", I laughed along with her, but it still felt like a slight sneer. We used a sex toy, a rubber member took a few of my features. I've even got used to it, until he found out that his wife is cheating on me.

It was a huge blow to my ego, and I talked to her seriously. He assured me that he was with a new lover, she's just interested in sex, because he would have missed the true manhood. I'm still hurting, I was locked in a room, and then I started to think about how to increase your penis size.

A web site is enough – you can choose between gels, injections, and surgery. I chose the first one. Gel for to increase penis size Erogen X it seemed to him, he is a reliable drug I've found in the phone book to the men who use it, is to write to one of them, and he confirmed that his penis was bigger than 3 inches in two weeks.

I temper myself with gel for to increase penis size Erogen X and began to do as it is written in the manual. It is clear how to use the gel, a problem with the use of the tools available, it was not. My penis was filled with blood immediately after being used, much the same as having sex. And then there was a little bit down, but the desire does not go away. I didn't say anything to my wife, we haven't even talked about.

After 10 days, I have made the first measurement of a member really increased by 1.2 cm and I was happy, and it is-gel. Together on my cock and balls grew over the month at 4.5 inches, and Now I was ready for exploitation, and he was waiting for the right moment.

Through the use of Erogen X our family had the good fortune

The result of the application of the gel Erogenous X + 3)

One night, he and his wife decided to make peace with me. She came in and started talking about what she misses me, she loves me and wants to be with me. He asked for forgiveness, saying that her boyfriend in addition to the fact that the country's it-nothing else is seen. I hugged her and kissed her and we had sex.

When she saw my Horny cock, he froze and cried out, not being aware of the fact that there is to it. I told her about it, what is it used Erogen X. She was amazed at the result, but on my face, I realized that it was what she wanted. We had a such a passion, many years ago. She screamed in pleasure, and my senses were sharper ten times.

Thus, we have reconciled and the wife fell in love with me again. We are a family full of mutual understanding. This is a 3 months, the country has remained at the same level, but I plan to repeat the course and achieve even better results.

Erogen X did not cause me side effects. The Gel is spent economically, I've had the same pack for a month. It is very effective. There is no need to endure if you are not satisfied with the size of your penis, it can be corrected. We will help you the gel Erogen X".