Simple penis enlargement exercises

how to enlarge your penis with exercise

Physical activity is good for people. In recent years, a believer in a healthy lifestyle has become fashionable, beautiful, sexy and useful. Toned body, beautifully carved muscles improved health. All this is due to physical activity. Any muscle can be trained. Even those that others cannot see. Intimate - for women, penis - for men. Read more about the latter.

Even in the days of ancient Greece, the phallus was a symbol of fertility. In Latin America, the penis was deified. In ancient Rome, women hung tiny amulets around their necks with this symbol. Although in men, starting from the word "tiny, " sometimes the eye starts to twitch nervously. Today, this description would offend masculinity. Although in his heart some men do not consider his penis large enough and want to enlarge it. Best of all, you can enlarge your penis.

All you have to do is type a query into the search engine and a huge layer of information will flow to us - how to add a few inches to a member, length or width. It is advisable to drink vitamins, make homemade ointments and buy "pull" tools. We tell you about safe and really working methods. The member is a muscle. And it can make you grow. All you need is regular training and proper exercise.

Preparing for the exercises

Important!Before trying any of the exercises described below, it's best to see a doctor and test yourself.

First take a shower, lubricate if necessary and get into a comfortable position. The following techniques are suitable even for men who have little time. The exercises take a maximum of a few minutes. They can be done several times a day.

Common practice = result. Go!

Penis enlargement exercises

As we said, men want to increase their penis either in length or width. Let's start with the length. This is the most requests.

Exercise 1. "Kegel"

The main secret is that we need to warm the penis with gradually increasing vertical movements, gradually increasing the speed. Hold your firm grip and stretch your skin. Returning to the base of the penis, tighten the grip of the fingers, this will keep as much blood as possible in the penis. This puts the penis in an erect state. When the penis is set up 100%, hold your thumb and forefinger at the base of the penis for about a minute. With the other hand, grasp the base of the head and try to stretch the penis exactly to a level that does not cause discomfort and pain. It takes about 10 seconds to stretch in different directions over time while keeping your penis at the bottom (minutes). After completing the exercise, loosen your grip. You will feel the blood begin to flow. Ejaculation can occur at this point.

Exercise 2. Jelqing

Pulling is also a key feature of this exercise. Moreover, it can be done both in an upright and relaxed state. The exercise is performed in a standing position with separate legs. In this position, you should grab your head and push your penis to your pubic area as much as possible. Hold for 15 seconds, then release. Take a break and repeat. The exercise can be repeated up to a hundred times. In the beginning, however, you can comfortably reduce stretching time and the number of repetitions.

Exercise 3. "Mahi"

penis enlargement exercises

This exercise can be done in the best position because it is more comfortable. Give an easy erection to your penis. Grasp it with warm, warm palms and start swinging your penis in different directions. It is important to keep up the pace. After swinging in different directions to consolidate the result, repeat the movement, but in the direction of the buttocks. Choose a time that suits you. We recommend 3-5 minutes.

Exercise 4. Stretching

Any stretching is done on a calm body. Therefore, in this practice, you do not have to get an erection on your penis. Take the position that suits us, hold the penis with one hand. Start stretching in different directions, consistently. First turn the phallus to the pubic area, then to the buttocks, then 360 degrees. As a member, you can print various symbols, letters, and images. The point is, don't hurt yourself.

Exercise 5. "Lining stretching"

The exercise is similar to the previous one. Only in this case it is necessary to place the brush in a vertical position under the base of the penis, to strain the forearm. With your other hand, hold the head and pull it off, holding it out for 10 seconds. You’re like bending your hand with your penis, stretched out in length. Do it after 5 second pauses.

Exercise 6. "Towing"

Standing on two legs, the penis brings the exercise to an almost complete erect state. We naturally hold the phallus and begin to stretch the skin alternately with one hand and then the other. The duration of the exercise is 2-3 minutes.

Exercise 7. "Weighted"

We are standing on two legs. The member is placed in the maximum standing position. We hang a towel or any other light load on the penis and start lifting it as if it were. That is, we give instructions to the spinal cord: filter the penis and pull up the towel. Do it for 10 seconds, with rest.

Here are some tips for doing the exercises:

effective penis enlargement exercises
  1. The best time to exercise in the morning or evening. A time when you don’t have to rush anywhere and take a few minutes for your manhood.
  2. In the first workouts, it is better to do it only by hand. Later, when you feel that the load is not enough, you can buy special additional units.
  3. Gradually increase the load time. The member is a muscle. And you won’t benefit from the maximum loads at the beginning of the road. Gradually, without fanaticism, you will achieve your goal without harming your health.
  4. The head of the penis is the most sensitive part. Take care of him too. Don't overdo it.
  5. Start exercising by warming up. Feelings during and after training depend on this. And finish with rest. You can have a massage or lie in silence for a few minutes.

The habit of a healthy lifestyle is not limited to exercising in the gym, walking in the fresh air and eating right. You can train any muscle in your body and we have proven it today. From ancient times the member has been considered a sacred symbol. Ode was written to him, statues were carved in his honor, and people bowed before him. Today, we are less fanatical about the symbol of masculine strength and fertility. However, we strive not to miss the opportunity to improve your condition. Repeat the exercises every day and maintain your strength.