Safe penis enlargement - only the best methods

ways to enlarge the penis

Many men are looking for a safe way to enlarge their penis, even though experts agree that penis size has little effect on the quality of sex. While penis enlargement can give some people variety in their sex lives, others seek solutions to their own psychological problems. Dissatisfaction with penis size can cause psychogenic erectile dysfunction that arouses self-confidence. In this article, we will talk about safe ways to enlarge the penis, as well as whether radical measures are needed in the form of surgeries.

What Dangerous Methods To Enlarge Your Penis

Men who want to enlarge their penis often focus only on the possible outcomes, forgetting the risks and side effects. Extension cords and pumps can be distinguished from a number of popular and dangerous methods - their use is often accompanied by the appearance of tissue stretching, bruising and swelling on the external genitalia. Penis curvature often occurs after the use of pumps and extension cords - British urologists say this side effect occurs in at least a quarter of cases where such simulators are used. Extension cords and pumps are often a waste of money and cannot achieve the desired result.

Manual therapy - massages and exercises - can lead to damage to the tissues of the penis with the wrong technique. If Kegel exercises are not as dangerous (they have a better effect in preventing erectile dysfunction and prostatitis than penis enlargement), then jelqing and adhesion are a serious danger.

Signaling, which involves making compressed fingers from the base of the penis from the base of the penis to the head, can cause tissue stretching and damage to the corpus cavernosum.

, on the other hand, is an extreme technique in which you have to squeeze the superficial veins of the penis during an erection: this is expected to help increase the filling of cavernous bodies, but more often this practice leads to disruption of the pelvic veins.

Manual techniques are free and simple at first glance, but carry a high health risk.

When is penis enlargement indicated, is it always warranted

Many types of enlargement are used only for indications, while there is not so much real indication of penis enlargement. The pathology is considered to be a penis shorter than 7 cm when erect.

Congenital anomalies or micropenis are often required for surgical referral. In such cases, a ligamentotomy or microsurgical muscle transplant is performed - these are complex surgeries with a long recovery period. Some private clinics perform ligament isomy or muscle transplantation without indications, and anyone who wants to pay for expensive surgery should not take advantage of these offers because the WHO and experts agree that there are real signs of such interventions.

Sometimes men who want to enlarge their penis in any way possible suffer from body dysmorphic disorders. This state is characterized by one's obsession with real or even imaginary flaws in one's own body. If thoughts of “inappropriate” penis size take more than an hour a day and also interfere with your enjoyment of sex, it is advisable to consult a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Dysmorphobia can lead to dangerous methods of penis enlargement, such as squeezing.

Least Traumatic Penis Enlargement Techniques

In the absence of contraindications, hyaluronic acid injections and lipolifting may be used. These methods do not represent a long recovery period and can be performed without indications. Often these techniques give the desired result, but sometimes repeated injections are required. Their advantages are relative accessibility and low likelihood of complications.

Hyaluronic acid traders

Increasing the volume with hyaluronic acid preparations is a common and effective method. The drug is injected into the tissue of the penis, increasing the volume. The healing period lasts only 2 weeks - during which time sexual activity is contraindicated. The cost of the procedure is determined by the appointment of the doctor and depends on the amount of acid injected.

In addition to increasing penis size, hyaluronic acid fillers help cope with hypersensitivity and premature ejaculation. The procedure is simple, but requires a urologist examination beforehand.

The initial effect lasts for 8-12 months.


During lipolifting, the introduction of your own adipose tissue increases the volume of the penis. Adipose tissue is pre-taken from the abdomen, thighs or lower back. Before the procedure, the fat is cleaned of impurities and then injected into the tissues of the penis using a special needle without damaging the nerves and blood vessels. The use of the patient's own adipose tissue carries a minimal risk of rejection. The recovery effect lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Inflammation in the urogenital tract should be examined and ruled out prior to lipolifting.

Safe penis enlargement

The safest way to increase penis size without surgery is to increase natural testosterone synthesis. Penile tissue is sensitive to this sex hormone, and an increase in blood testosterone levels results in a long-term and noticeable, several-centimeter increase in the penis. There are foods that increase testosterone synthesis, such as seafood. But not only should the levels of this sex hormone be raised, how much should even mild obesity be prevented, as adipose tissue suppresses testosterone production and serves as a source of estrogen. Comprehensive measures are most effective:

  • Active lifestyle management;
  • At least partial rejection of bad habits;
  • Balanced diet;
  • Maintaining a healthy weight;
  • Use natural products for men.

Natural remedies are a simple and proven way to enlarge your penis without surgery and side effects. There is no need for indications or tests to use them, which is a definite plus. The products contain testosterone boosters as well as components that improve blood circulation so that the penis reaches its maximum size with each erection.

Modern medicines are available in the form of creams and gels, as well as capsules and tablets, which allow you to choose the right method of application. Drugs have a pronounced effect that lasts for a long time. They can be used by men of all ages.