Is it possible to increase a man’s penis at home in length and width: what can be done at home?

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Many men these days are worried about how to increase their penis size at home. What you can do at home is how you can cope with the task quickly and efficiently. Is it possible to increase the length and width of the penis at all?

I can increase the size

The pride of not all members of the stronger is the male genitalia. While some men are completely happy with the size, others dream of other parameters. Lack of self-confidence is reflected in the quality of sex and the mood of the partner.

That’s why some people decide to do everything they can to deceive genetics. This article discusses the most effective ways to promote genital growth. The information below will help you understand if it is possible to enlarge your penis at home, including its width.

Medical research confirms the fact that problems are most often found in men with genitals. Most often, when one thinks that one’s dignity is small, the reason for such conclusions is complex. Communicating with a psychologist will help you accept the situation and understand that there is no problem. Pathologies in the form of micropenis are very rare (only 2% of men face a similar phenomenon).

If the penis becomes a cause of long-term discomfort and there is a need for transformation, several options should be considered. Effective sizing allows multiple methods to be used simultaneously.

Get noticeable results without home surgery. The key is to wait and be patient, as penis enlargement takes time and regularity during procedures.

How to enlarge your penis at home

Coping with the task is possible if you choose the right path. Special products in the form of sprays, gels and lubricants help to achieve the result. The effect lasts for a short time. The treatment increases the size of the organ during intercourse, as well as increases blood circulation and efficiency.

The fastest and safest way to get results is with a nozzle. It can be made of silicone or latex and looks completely natural. During intercourse, a nozzle increases the length (and width) of the organ and increases the erection. The nozzles are of the closed and open type.

The vacuum pump increases pre-sex efficiency and increases organ length. The device has a short-term effect and is used just before intercourse begins. During use, the pump is lubricated and placed in the cylinder.

The air is gradually pumped into the tank and the organ is under pressure. The vacuum method allows you to increase blood flow to the organ and achieve a better effect during sex.

Increase penis size in other ways, namely:

  • folk remedies. Herbal tea is often used, made using special herbs. Using the folk method is not always safe for health;
  • by hanging weights. Quite damaged way;
  • massage;
  • special exercises.

Average penis size

Adolescence ends at the age of 14. During this period, there is an active growth of the genitals, the testicles grow. It is important for all children to remember that the penis does not stop growing at the age of 15. Genital growth continues until the age of 17. Doctors indicate that by the age of 18, the penis thickens and the length of the organ can decrease by 0. 5 cm.

It should be remembered that at rest, the length of the penis is less than at the time of the erection, and this is the norm. During an erection, the length of the penis should be between 12 and 16 cm. According to its diameter, the thickness of the erect organ reaches 3-4 cm.

The opinion that the size of the penis should be much larger is a myth. Such indicators (given above) are average statistical norms, so if a person’s penis size is not smaller, there is no need to look for a method that increases it.

Home Massage

Massage is a fairly simple and safe way to influence organ size. This home method has a positive effect on penile efficiency and parameters. If you follow all the necessary recommendations at home correctly, you will be able to achieve positive dynamics. The main condition for performing the massage is:

  1. Do not manipulate a fully erect organ (the penis should be slightly excited).
  2. It is important to warm up the body before the massage.

If you can't do this, keep the following simple tips in mind. A small towel should be soaked in warm water and wrapped around the penis. After such manipulation, further exercises will be much easier.

Skin stretches better and blood flow increases. Jelqing massage helps to achieve good results. It is recommended to use additional cosmetics during the massage.

Fast and efficient

If you have questions about what methods to use to get a quick result, you should use the following recommendation. Cosmetics help to achieve a strong effect and increase efficiency, libido and organ size for a few hours. Sprays, ointments and gels should be used before intercourse.

Those who do not yet know how to naturally increase genital size should pay attention to penile fixations. As mentioned above, this is the safest and most traumatic way to achieve the desired result as well as the ability to enhance an erection.

Surgical enlargement of the penis: surgery

It is important to seek professional help in cases where the size of the limbs is much smaller than usual. After one week of lipofilling, you can increase the width of your penis to the desired size. In this case, the fat is pumped out of any part of the body and pumped into the penis.

Surgery can ideally increase the length of the penis to a maximum of 5 cm. The procedure involves dissecting the strip of the pubic region and pulling the organ out of the pubic portion.

Thickness and length

The image describes an interesting approach that answers the main question.

In order for the penis to reach the desired size, an effort must be made. To achieve results at home, it is important to have regular massages and special exercises. It is necessary to perform such manipulations for at least 2 months. During this period (as indicated by several reviews) the size of the penis can be increased by 1-2 cm.

The genitals should be warmed up before performing the exercises. To do this, heat salt or cereal in a pan and then place in a bag. It is applied to the penis from different sides.

After this, one or two palms should squeeze the penis for 10 seconds (the erection should not be at full force). At this point, the penis should be alternately pulled in one direction or another. If pain occurs, the exercise should be stopped.

The second exercise is a drag. Lubrication is applied to the penis first (the erection in this case should be half). The space near the base is covered with fingers in the form of a tight ring. Closed fingers move slowly on the trunk and do not reach the head. The exercise should be performed from 40 r and the approach should be gradually increased to 200 r.

When choosing a method of penis enlargement, you don’t have to repeat many negative experiences for those who wanted to achieve results at once. To achieve a positive impact, you need to earn time, effort, and maybe even money. When choosing a method, the most important thing is not to harm your health and to be extremely careful.