How to enlarge your penis with soda and is it real?


And what modern people can’t bring up with the goal of presenting themselves as a real macho to a girl. They learn the Kama Sutra, perform special exercises that allow them to improve their physical shape, and of course strive to increase their dignity in every way possible. One of the most special ways to enlarge is to enlarge your penis with soda. We will talk about it in this article.

There's nothing wrong with changing your body size, every guy dreams of it. Another question is whether it is possible to enlarge the penis with soda and is such a method safe in principle? To understand this, consider how to gradually increase your penis with soda.

Instructions - How to Enlarge Your Penis with Soda

  1. So the first thing is to pour 200 grams of water into a glass and then pour literally half a teaspoon of normal baking soda into it, which you can buy at any store at a ridiculous price.
  2. The second step is to mix the powder in water until it is completely dissolved
  3. In the third stage, we either lower the penis in the resulting solution for a short time or take a shower after my masculinity is with the resulting solution. Here you can select the method you like best.

that's it! After that, according to Internet sources, he only becomes a sexual giant. And to enlarge your penis with baking soda, you just need to take two simple steps, not to mention the low cost, because everyone can buy it.

teaspoon baking soda

Working principle of sodium bicarbonate

How does this method prove their supporters' innocence? Some people say sodium bicarbonate helps to thin the blood. And it is believed that this allows the blood to fill the body of the penis as much as possible

It should be noted that soda for penis enlargement should only be used in conjunction with manual exercises. Supposedly only physical influence helps to increase blood "swollen" cells.

But really, and is it worth torturing yourself with this "therapy"?

And how do you really - increase your penis with soda?

How do we enlarge our penis with baking soda? There can only be one answer -any way! It is not effective and not safe! Soda does not contain elements that stimulate cell division or proliferation. This procedure has no effect.

It is likely that the size of the male genitalia will increase slightly for a short time (we have not found any real confirmation of this information). But the result is so small and short-term that it would not be worth these health problems. which can occur after baking baking soda.

It is much better not to try to use soda in this way, because as a result of such an unusual treatment, instead of a huge long penis from which girls become ecstatic, it can pose a risk of real burns to delicate tissues. masculinity, followed by a long and rather expensive treatment.

Negative effects on the body

First of all, it is worth noting that baking soda, like any other substance, has advantages and disadvantages, so it can have a positive effect on the body and cause irreparable damage to it.

the soda was mixed in a pot of water

Sodium bicarbonate has antimicrobial properties and effectively frees the human body from parasites and various microbes. Cough, runny nose, high blood pressure, swelling of the legs, yellow teeth are just a small list of health problems that can be moderately solved, we emphasize - moderate use of powder.

Under no circumstances should it be swallowed in packaging, as this will easily damage the body. It is not in vain that sodium bicarbonate is incorporated into all cleansers as it is a corrosive substance and therefore irritates when applied to the skin. In some cases, the skin will crack and become inflamed.

Another disadvantage is the high probability of allergy to sodium bicarbonate.

Itching and redness occur in 80% of men who have tried to enlarge their penis with baking soda.

Drinking soda solutions inside is also not worth it because it can lead to burns and ulcers!

A short video on the subject. We can immediately say that the author is an extraordinary person, and such advice is hardly worth trusting. But for fun, you can watch the video.


Penis enlargement is not possible with soda. Soda can be very cool in many situations, just don’t try to enlarge your penis. It is a waste of time and effort. In addition, health problems may occur.

Fortunately, nowadays you can always buy many effective tools that promote persistent erections and significantly increase your penis, and are always ready for long-term intercourse.

We think you've found the answer to the question, "How do I increase my penis with soda? "We hope this article will save you from using baking soda.

There are enough penis enlargement methods that are really effective. Among them, vacuum pumps and creams are worth mentioning - effective and affordable tools.