The best way to enlarge your penis at home

How to expand a member

The size of the male genitalia is a hot topic for almost all members of the strong half of humanity. Most people are not happy with their natural data. Given what they think, it is realistic to increase the size of the drive alone without drastic measures.

There are a number of methods that promise to increase humanity by a few inches. We analyze the most effective.

The most effective ways to enlarge your penis

Increasing the frequency converter is a complete task at home. But you need to know how to do it right. Because the desired goal depends on the efficiency of the chosen technique and the regularity of its implementation.

The strongest half of humanity is more likely to use the following penis enlargement methods:

  • massage therapy;
  • is an exercise on a penis;
  • growth with herbs;
  • vacuum pump;
  • using special weights;
  • use of cosmetic products;
  • Increase IF with soda.

Important!One can only achieve the desired result if we strictly follow all the suggestions on the technique and the implementing rules.

This is not surprising, but following a certain diet increases masculinity by a few inches. However, in order to increase the result, it is recommended to perform the procedures in a complex.

Massage therapy

Massage can not only heal and relax, but also help increase HR. This method is considered very pleasant and affordable. Moreover, they are implemented independently. For the massage, you need to bring a towel, moisten it with warm water, and then wrap the penis. Thus, the person warms the organ before the session. Then do the following:

  • warms the penis and makes you excited;
  • The inverter is surrounded by hand, performing translation operations from the root to the head, stretching the organ slightly;
  • Carefully retract and replace the foreskin;
  • replace your hand and repeat the movement again xx / li>

One of the sessions should be 20 minutes long. During this time, 30 approaches must be performed with both hands. The massage should be done slowly. If, instead of a wet towel, the organ is treated with special gels that activate the increase in HRP, the effect is increased.

It is worth noting that massage treatment has many benefits. With the help of such sessions, we can not only stimulate the growth of the male organ, but also increase its efficiency. In addition, such a treatment procedure helps to relieve tension and prevent the development of malignancies.

Member Exercises

Another massage treatment option is penis exercises. This method allows you to enlarge the penis to 2 cm.

However, to achieve this result, the following rules must be strictly adhered to:

  • massage operations must be continuous;
  • stops when ejaculation approaches. Otherwise, it will be difficult to return the drive to the previous excited position;
  • massages are performed every day;
  • During the session, your thumb and forefinger should be connected in a circle. In this situation, the clubs squeeze the penis;
  • the grip will be strong to hold the blood back in the organ. In this case, do not overdo it, otherwise hematomas will develop;
  • the organ is turned up and down. This technique allows you to speed up the growth process by tightening the top garter

When performing such a massage, it is important to ensure that the enlargement of the penis does not become banal masturbation. To do this, it is recommended to ensure that the adhesion of the organ is not weakened.

Growth with phytotherapy

folk remedies for penis enlargement

Many herbs promote IF growth. There are currently more than 100 different recipes known to enhance male dignity.

Let's look at the most effective plants used for cooking:

  1. Ginseng root.This plant is infused for consumption. Prepare the tool as follows. 2 tablespoons. l. raw materials are poured 200 gr. alcohol. They mix everything and give an infusion for a week. The mixture was filtered and stored in a cool, dark place. Take 20 drops of tincture in the morning and half an hour in the evening before meals. Ginseng root promotes penile blood flow and increases male strength;
  2. worm.Helps to replenish the male genitals with blood during an erection. Take 1 tablespoon to prepare the broth. l. the plant seeds are poured into a liter of water and cooked for 15 minutes. The finished soup is cooled, filtered and consumed 100 grams per day. Three times a day;
  3. Thyme.This herb promotes the production of new erectile tissue cells. To increase PF, teas are made from dry ingredients. Add a tablespoon of dry plant to a liter of boiling water. The mixture is then set on fire and left to boil. The mixture is then cooled and consumed in a glass every morning and evening every four months, with a one-month break, and repeated again.

Herbal teas not only help the penis grow, but also increase men's endurance and ensure blood flow to the organ.

Vacuum pump

Currently, the use of a vacuum pump is considered to be the most effective in enhancing male dignity. The technique is to create low pressure around the penis, as a result of which the tissues of the organ absorb a lot of blood. In this simplest way, the hollow bodies are stretched, resulting in the penis growing to 2 cm. You can buy a vacuum pump at a specialty store or make the unit. An ordinary glass jar is used instead of a pump.

A modern tool developed for penis enlargement is an extension cord. The efficiency of this device is not inferior to that of a vacuum pump. In this case, you can use the tool in question to improve the size and shape of your penis.

If you use the device for 3 hours a day for 3 months, the result will be a pleasure for a long time.

Use special weights

the weight of the machine

The use of special weights helps to extend the length of the phallus by 2-3 cm and weighs a bottle of water. However, to apply this method, one must follow a few rules:

  • Before securing the load, the penis is warmed with a light massage using creams;
  • Sit down on the bed and spread your legs as wide as possible before performing the exercise;
  • the penis, including the head, is covered with an elastic bandage;
  • fix the piece;
  • a rope is attached to the clamp, at the end of which the water bottle is attached;
  • Once you have done everything, you have to stand up carefully. At this point, the tissue of the penis begins to elongate

It is permissible to wear weights for up to 15 minutes a day to stretch the village, as prolonged wearing of weights may provoke severe stretching and partial loss of computer sensitivity.


Many cosmetic products allow for long-term or short-term enlargement of organs. However, it is recommended to use such creams or ointments in combination with the above methods. In addition, many current formulations are actually mannequins that do nothing.

Therefore, a very relevant question arises as to how to choose an instrument that has a truly positive impact.

Cosmetic products intended to increase the frequency of fluorescence are divided according to their composition:

  • proteinaceous;
  • hormonal;
  • is of natural origin.

The main active component of protein products is a concentrate of amino acids. Hormonal preparations contain an artificial testosterone analog. And products of natural origin. Such formulations do not contain semi-synthetic ingredients, which makes it safest to use such options.

In general, it should be noted that even the most popular cosmetic products are only used as a supplement. In fact, the effect obtained is not lasting.


soda to enlarge the penis

Regular soda, which is available to almost every housewife in the kitchen, can work wonders. Moreover, its application does not require any effort or special skills. To increase your genital count, you should take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and add a glass of warm water. Mix everything thoroughly and then immerse the organ in the prepared bath for 10-15 minutes

The second, equally effective way to use soda as a skin scrub. To do this, moisten the PC with warm water, then pour baking soda and gently rub into the village. The procedure is repeated within 2 months. After this time, the organ grows by an average of 2 cm

Using attachments

And the last way to enlarge the male organ is a special connection. The main advantage of this method is that one does not have to do a preparatory workout or warm up. You can buy the village attachment at any specialty store that sells intimate goods.

The advantages of this method are:

  • Using attachments is the fastest way to enlarge your penis;
  • Regular use of
  • guarantees an extension of 5-7 cm. True, some manufacturers say the genitals can be extended by 10 cm;
  • ability to select the appropriate option. You can also purchase an attachment for thickening, extension, additional vibration function and gel stimulator.

However, nozzles for penis extension have a major drawback - a partial loss of sensitivity. Therefore, if you plan to extend the inverter in this way, everything must be measured.

If we can expect the result

Today, the various pharmaceutical industries and folk methods promise simple and fast results in the form of penis enlargement of up to 10 cm. As practice shows, the above methods really help to achieve this goal. But here you should emphasize that you can achieve the desired result by choosing the most appropriate magnification method and strictly following all the recommendations given in the instructions.

When choosing one of the suggested methods, it's important to note that you'll need to spend more than a month to get visible results. However, the main task of a person who lengthens his penis at home is to be careful in performing the procedures so as not to touch the injury.