How can you lengthen the male penis? Techniques and exercises

how to enlarge the penis

It is unlikely that penis enlargement will work with home remedies. Surgery or injections give the best results. Fortunately, in the 21st century, doctors answered the question of how to increase the male member.

In vain most men worry about this parameter of their body. The length and thickness of the penis can vary widely, and the problem with size can usually be eliminated by choosing appropriate sexual techniques. However, if the size of the penis is being tracked, it is worth trying simple exercises that will make the penis a little longer.


It should be borne in mind that sexologists unanimously assure that the main thing is not size or shape, but grace - even so, men persistently worry about length. In her opinion, the longer the penis, the better. After all, a large penis will quickly satisfy the partner and cause the envy of other men. And they refer to this most popular way of resizing the "dignity":

  • penis enlargement operation
  • hyaluronic acid augmentation
  • penis pumps
  • Tablets
  • exercises
  • Jelqing

If life with the current "equipment" seems tragic, the first thing you need to do is consult your doctor - sexologist or urologist. The patient is likely to find that there is nothing that can be changed, that the best that can be improved is the technique of love. If the person persists anyway, they can become familiar with methods to enlarge the penis.


Penis enlargement

There are many ways to enlarge the penis - unfortunately, those that have an effect almost immediately are reduced to surgery. Because surgery is essentially the only and quite effective method of enlarging the penis.

During the procedure, the ligaments that connect the penis to the pubic bone are stimulated, making the penis lower and appear longer. However, it is an expensive operation, and while the expected effect is visible, complications can arise. A man can then have problems with sensations during sex. In addition, after such operations, the erection is shaky and there is a high risk of collapse.

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid is a relatively new method, but more and more aesthetic medicine clinics are doing it. Its undoubted advantage is the fact that surgical interventions are avoided.

The procedure consists of injecting a special preparation containing hyaluronic acid (a natural substance that breaks down in the body and does not cause side effects) into the penis. It is performed under local anesthesia, the patient has no complaints.

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid leads to immediate satisfactory effects, although you should not have sexual intercourse for 2-4 weeks immediately after the procedure. Effects you can count on are penis lengthening by 1-3 cm and thickening by 2-5 cm.

disadvantages? The enlargement of the penis is therefore temporary and the hyaluronic acid is gradually broken down, so that the effect usually lasts for 1-2 years. In addition, the process is expensive.

Penis length

There are special devices on the market to enlarge the penis by stretching it with special devices. These are the so-called extenders. The device is put on for several hours a day - at this point the tissues of the penis are stretched, but the effect is not so strong that the man feels uncomfortable. To see the effect you need to be patient - the end result will only be visible after 6 months of constant use. The penis length can actually increase by 2-3 cm.

There are risks involved in using extenders to enlarge the penis. As a result of stretching, there may be painful sensations, a violation of the blood supply to the penis (due to continuous oppression), as well as sensory disorders in the area of ​​the glans, which can be irreversible. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the effects will occur, and even if they do, they can only be temporary.

Another way to enlarge your penis is to use a vacuum pump. The device is in the form of a transparent cylinder that is placed on the penis. Then air is pumped into it, which leads to an increase in the cavernous bodies of the penis and blood flow to the penis. The penis pump works fine. It is applied 30 minutes before intercourse.

When the penis is the size you want, you need to slide the ring on the cylinder and attach it to the base of the penis to prevent the blood from draining. Then you can start intercourse. Be sure to remove the ring when the process is complete.

The efficiency is based on the fact that the pumping process constantly enlarges the body of the penis itself. However, there is no convincing scientific evidence to support this, and the doctors themselves do not agree with the effectiveness of the device.

Sexologists and urologists agree that there is no drug or dietary supplement that can affect penis enlargement. Any advertisement for miraculous penis enlargement drugs is only aimed at getting money from men who expect a quick effect and are desperate to succumb to the manufacturers' tricks. Buying penis enlargement pills is therefore pointless and has no effect.


Penis enlargement

Some sexologists claim that correct movement, not surgery, push-ups, injections, or rings, can help. Provided these are the correct exercises. It is better to follow the instructions of a sexologist or urologist. In some cases, even seemingly simple exercises (such as when a person suffers from illness) can be harmful.

How can you enlarge your penis through exercise? There are several different options on the internet, but if you want to use them you should be careful who recommends them and who is behind them in general. If the author claims that after a few days a person will have a result of 2 cm in length or, what is also the case, the difference in length can be determined after the first training session, then it is better not to use his methods. There are no miracles.


Before doing exercise to enlarge a man's penis, remember to measure your penis in a state of relaxation and erection, and save the results. You will come in handy in knowing how this is going to change. You should also write down what exercises should be done and when. It is worth remembering that the greater effect is achieved at an earlier age. In the future you will have to wait longer for the results.

It is best to buy a lubricant before you exercise to lubricate your penis (note that only some exercises require lubrication). Exercise, like any other, begins with a warm-up of the penis. For example, put a jet of warm water on it. The point is that the elevated temperature dilates the blood vessels. You can also put a warm compress on your penis. The heat should not be exposed for more than 5 minutes. Then you need to wipe off your "dignity" and rub in a little baby oil or, if you prefer, some lubricant.


Exercises for penis enlargement

Exercises for penis enlargement: stretching, shaking. This type of exercise won't hurt, but it can really help. Here's what you can do for your penis:

First you need to take the head (at rest) and carefully try to stretch it. So as not to hurt yourself. Hold it like this for about 15-20 seconds. Then let go of the stretch and repeat it a few more times. After that, you need to move the penis in different directions in order to restore proper blood flow to the organ.

The exercise should be performed daily, preferably several times a day, e. g. B. in the shower, after urination, before bed or after waking up. These exercises do not require lubrication.

It is worth moving the penis several times in different directions during an erection.

Tense the penis against the muscles of the anus. Touch them between the anus and the scrotum. If this is successful, the exercises will be performed correctly.

Next, you need to apply lube, then grab the penis from above with your thumb and forefinger and run your palm over it as if it were an attempt to milk it. And then change your hand. And so for about 5 minutes. It is worth paying attention to the impending ejaculation, stopping and waiting for arousal.


Variability in sizes

A penis enlargement should not be necessary. The shape, length and thickness of the penis varies. And quite a lot. At rest, the length of the penis can be anywhere from 5 to 15 cm, but for most men it is 8 to 12 cm. When erect, the penis reaches an average length of 12 to 18 cm.

The penis size can vary depending on many factors. For example, the penis contracts under the influence of low temperature, fatigue, fear, terror, fear. Unfortunately, with increasing age, the penis also decreases. It is important to know that the change in length in an erectile state compared to length at rest can be different for all men, and there is no pattern in this.


It is believed that penis enlargement is effective and safe. Whenever you choose a particular method, try to find as much information about it as you can. For safety reasons, it is necessary to act according to the instructions to avoid side effects. The effectiveness of the method depends on the purpose of the person. For example, when choosing penis enlargement exercises, you need to take into account that the effects will only be felt after a month or two. If a person realizes that they may not have the time or desire to do so, it is recommended that they choose another method or exercise as an additional method of magnification.

There are many methods, the selection should be tailored to the needs and individual preferences. You can start with at least the simplest exercises.

Pills are the easiest method and often the best choice for men who want results with the least amount of effort. To prevent the effect from going away, manufacturers state that the medication must be used regularly.

A big penis is better in bed?

Which penis is better in bed

In general, before enlarging a man's penis, you need to consider what it is intended for. Is this being done to satisfy the demands of a woman or simply to satisfy the male ego? Women don't need big cocks to orgasm. You have stated this repeatedly. However, men still consider size important.

For women it is important how much he can withstand, how sensitive he is and what skills he has. The size of the penis does matter, but female representatives respond precisely to the thickness of the penis. The thickness plays a crucial role in penetration. This is especially important if a woman has already had one or more pregnancies.


Nobody is perfect. It all depends on the goal. It will be difficult to get an extra 3 to 4 inches with the exercises, but it can be much easier with other methods. It is therefore recommended to familiarize yourself with all available methods and to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

There is widespread information about pharmacological preparations that can enlarge the penis without risk. And with them you have to be extra careful not to run into scammers. The composition of tablets and ointments for penis enlargement is usually based on herbal ingredients with the addition of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Such a set is also included in dietary supplements that provide the body with what is normally lacking in daily food. And it is not a fact that a miracle drug has any effect on the penis. This can be difficult to verify.