Truth and myth about whether it is possible to enlarge the penis in reality

Every day, new techniques, tools, devices, and even homemade tools appear to enlarge the penis. By advertising its product, the manufacturer guarantees that, thanks to its products, the penis will grow rapidly, increasing the missing centimeter in length, diameter and accordingly volume. It’s not so easy to figure out where the myths and deception are and where the full truth is about membership growth. Sometimes a lie seems convincing, but the real facts articulated in the dry are hard to believe. You can’t be fooled, so you have to be careful and check the facts to see if the radish is helping a big phallus grow.

How to enlarge your penis: true

woman surprised by the man's enlarged penis

A modestly sized penis often causes the formation of complexes that invariably affect your personal life.

Today, there is a wide range of solutions to the problem: from simple devices to stores selling intimate goods to sophisticated surgical methods.

To understand whether it is true that penis enlargement is possible, the information needs to be analyzed.

If stated by the manufacturer in the instructions for use of the proposed product, the words must be relied upon.

But they usually don’t lie that after a month, the penis will be twice as big, or you will notice an enlargement of the head after using the device for the first time.

And yet, separating the grain from the chaff, it is time to draw conclusions and tell you what the reality and truth of penis enlargement is:

  1. Injection of hyaluronic acid into the head can increase its volume by about 30%. Because of this, the penis itself will get bigger. However, this effect is not eternal, so you can enjoy happiness for about a year, and then the material dissolves and you have to be satisfied with the previous size or resort to regular manipulations.
  2. The male genitalia can be extended with surgery. Doctors cut the tapes, which increases by a few inches.
  3. Lipofilling helps increase the volume of dignity. This is an injection of the man's own fat into the subcutaneous part of the penis.
  4. Complex surgical ligamentotomy also leads to penis enlargement. But the whole truth is that it is a dangerous road and a road. Such operations are not performed at all, even special clinics.

Penis enlargement: myths and lies

Funny and sometimes ridiculous myths about penis enlargement are quite common. Someone believes them, others control them, and some guys simply ignore them. To avoid further guesswork, try to focus on the most popular myths:

the man measures the size of the penis after enlargement
  • If you increase the size of a man’s penis, the woman will experience more pleasure in intimacy. This is a deception because girls prefer a loving attitude towards themselves rather than a rough penetration.
  • Vendors of creams, gels and sprays promise the coveted 2-3 cent in a few days. The miracle does happen, but only for the duration of the erection, as the drugs increase the potency. And then everything goes back to basics. When using the instruments, it takes weeks or months to reach the goal.
  • The exercise damages the penis and does not lengthen it. This is also not true because exercises improve blood flow, not only heal the penis but also the prostate gland, only need to be performed systematically and correctly.

After learning the truth and myths about penis enlargement, everyone draws their own conclusions from reality and chooses the method that proves to be safe but effective.