Ways to increase penis thickness seamlessly and how realistic it is

brutal man who increased the thickness of his penis

It is safe to say that there is not a single person in the world who would be completely and utterly satisfied with his penis. Even if they are quite large, they remain complexes because there is always someone who has more.

The stereotype that penis size is a determining factor in girls ’choice of partner is so deeply embedded in men’s heads that they try their best to enlarge their penis. And if there are some problems with increasing the length, that can’t be said about the perimeter. Yes, men will be happy to know the answer to the question of how to enlarge a man’s penis.

Questions for men

First of all, a man needs to ask himself another question, "Do I need this? " Of course, there are ways to enlarge the penis, but not all of them are safe and able to meet expectations. What can we say about the consequences of any serious method of "thickening" the penis - they cannot be reversed. And one has to live with the results of that decision for the rest of one’s life, even if one doesn’t need it. It is worth noting that the parameters of a "device" are quite difficult to assess with the naked eye. As with any business, an external perspective is needed.

But where can you find one? This is the problem. The only source you can trust is your own partner. You need to listen to her reaction during sex. Most spectacularly, it will tell you whether a man’s penis is small or not. After all, you shouldn’t even trust your girlfriend’s words. He probably wants to comfort a man or try to hide from him the fact that his penis is "too small" for him. Although such situations are actually quite rare, as the biological structure of the vagina allows the female body to adapt to any size of the penis. That is, they do not really care that the term is more or less than the statistical norm.

Also, a man needs to ask himself why he thinks his penis isn’t big enough. Did your partner tell him about this? Most likely not. Some of the former? Also unlikely. Have you read about it on the internet? Maybe. Have you seen big cocks in pornography? The most likely option. Statistics and biological studies suggest that the normal size of the male organ is 12-13 cm long and the circumference is approximately the same. What erotic videos show, or what is written about on the internet, is just the fruit of the fantasies of people who most likely have never felt such an organ in themselves, in despair.

Simple and easy ways to increase thickness

If, after so many thoughts, one still wants to know how to increase the thickness of the penis, one is very confident in this desire. Whatever the reason, you want to do it. Then you need to know that there are two ways to increase this parameter. The first is to do it yourself with practice, gadgets, or other technology. The second is to seek help from doctors who specialize in this. Of course, the first method seems more financially tempting, and somehow it would be unworthy to turn to doctors with such a request. On the other hand, the second method is much more effective because it is unlikely to be able to achieve serious results on its own.

The first and easiest way to thicken your penis at home is with a penis massage. There is a need to make the tissues of the penis more elastic and flexible so that they extend a little longer during blood flow. This is due to the expansion of the cavities of the cave body. This result is achieved after a month of regular exercise, but the disadvantage of this practice is that this result must be maintained continuously, as without the necessary massage, the tissues break down and lose their elasticity.

The second method is to use special devices called vacuum pumps. They do pretty much the same as hand massage, but are somewhat more effective. The penis is placed in a special container from which air is pumped out. The vacuum increases the pressure in the corpus cavernosum, leading to its expansion. Periodic exercises using a "simulator" can increase the size of an organ slightly but sufficiently. Be careful when working with them, because if you take it too much, it can damage the tissues and tapes. It is best to follow the instructions that came with the kit.

The third method is the most "harmless" in people's opinion. We are talking about the use of medicines of different folk or medical origin. They can significantly affect the body’s blood flow, increasing blood pressure, which leads to an increase in blood pressure inside the penis. And this causes a short-term increase in penis thickness accordingly. But these drugs have many contraindications. The most obvious of these is the ban on the use of people with cardiovascular disease.

pump to increase the thickness of the penis

Medical methods

There are several ways to increase penis volume with the help of doctors, but two of them are especially popular. The first is hyaluronic acid injection, the second is surgery. It is worth saying that the risks often do not correspond to the result obtained, so men should not make ill-considered decisions about such operations. Even the doctors themselves will dissuade a person from making this decision if, according to their objective assessment, the characteristics of the client’s genitals will be within the statistical norm. Such surgeries are only recommended for those whose penis size is actually too small due to certain genetic disorders or other pathologies.

Injections are performed more often than surgeries, which is natural. In the procedure, this acid is injected into the cavities of the penis, which causes the cavities of these cavities to dilate and, accordingly, to increase the thickness of the entire penis. Doctors give several injections, distributing the substance evenly and symmetrically. The man will be under anesthesia so he won’t feel anything at all. The effect of the procedure lasts for one year and must be repeated if necessary.

Surgery involves the artificial enlargement of cavities inside the male genitalia. This is a very dangerous procedure. Not all doctors are willing to guarantee a positive result. Men should only be careful with this operation for cosmetic reasons. As a result, the volume of the penis increases by only 1 to 5 centimeters, depending on what it was originally. Is such a modest increase worth such serious risks? Many will say no.

measuring penis thickness with the example of a banana

You can always try harmless therapies that give small but sufficient results. And at the same time, it’s worth remembering that most problems with genital perception are only psychological in nature. One should not enlarge one’s penis if it is within the normal range, but should try to get rid of these complexes and stereotypes.