How to enlarge a man's penis at home

the man thought of an enlarged penis

Is it realistic at home to increase penis size? How can you prolong and thicken your manhood at home? Often, members of the stronger sex believe that penis enlargement is only possible through surgery. However, even before the discovery of ligamentotomy, mankind began to deal with this intimate problem (an operation in which the ligament supporting tape is suppressed).

Some strains still exercise special weights and stretching devices that can affect the size of the male organ. But let’s get back to our reality. How to enlarge your penis at home? Consider the most common techniques.

Male dignity pump

penis enlargement vacuum pump

Penis enlargement is possible at home with a vacuum pump. Single use gives a temporary effect, but with systematic use, penis lengthening and thickening is observed. Most often, the stronger sexes use this device just before sex, which allows you to get noticeable growth and a lasting erection.

However, it is worth noting that the effect of the low pressure area on the sensitive skin of the male genitalia can lead to sad consequences. We are talking about rupture of blood vessels, deformation of the skin, decreased sensitivity of nerve endings. When injuries appear, you need to take long breaks between classes, which negatively affects the process of prolongation and thickening because regular training is required to achieve the desired result.

To solve this problem, vacuum pumps have been replaced by hydraulic pumps. The essence of their work is to fill the bottle containing the penis with warm water. The liquid is gradually pumped out. Contact with warm water increases the elasticity of the tissues of masculinity, making the penis stretch better. The risk of subcutaneous bleeding is significantly reduced. However, to increase the size of the male member at home, you need to spend less time training than using vacuum models.

Penis enlargement trainer

At home, it is possible to enlarge the penis using a special simulator. It has a stimulating gel that contains only organic ingredients. This intimate lubricant, which penetrates the tissues of the male genitalia, creates a favorable environment for further stretching of the penis.

Extracts of herbal ingredients increase the elasticity of the wall of the cavernous bodies that make up the penis. They fill it with blood during an erection, thus increasing in size. As the walls of the cavernous bodies begin to stretch better and the blood flow to the phallus is increased by the aphrodisiac extracts that make up the gel, positive changes occur in the length and circumference of the male organ.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time training. The special cream is quickly absorbed and its use minimizes the risk of painful tissue stretching while using the roller trainer. The design of the latter is worked out down to the smallest detail. Its cylinders have a stimulating effect on the tissues of the penis, which contributes to the improvement of blood microcirculation. A man can only see the result of using the kit after a few uses. Using the simulator can increase your penis by at least a few inches in a month.

Massage techniques and gels for penis enlargement

penis enlargement jelqing finger ring

You can also increase the size of the male member at home with special massage techniques. The most famous is jelqing. The practice is similar to milking. During the workout, they try to stretch their penis in different directions. Your arousal should not exceed 80% of your total erection. Before starting a workout, it is recommended to take a warm shower to increase the stretching properties of the male body tissues.

During exercise, the penis should be lubricated with a moisturizing intimate gel or water-based cream to reduce the risk of abrasion. For best effect, it is recommended to use special gels to enlarge the male organ. This can improve penile blood flow, increase the elasticity of the walls of cavernous bodies, and increase control of ejaculation.

Some men make a paste and ointment at home for penis enlargement based on baking soda, star balm, and thinning drugs. However, it is better not to experiment with your health. Prefer the finished natural formula in the form of creams and gels for penis enlargement.

It is possible to increase the size of a man’s penis at home. Of course, you have to be patient because it can take at least a few weeks to achieve lasting results. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive operations. If you follow all the recommendations, it will have a quality impact on your intimate life. By changing the size of your penis, your sex life will flaunt new colors. In the eyes of a satisfied partner, satisfaction will be familiar.