Penis enlargement pump

types of pumps to enlarge the penis

The size of masculinity is a very burning issue for not all members of the stronger. If nature has deprived it of its great dimensions, it affects all areas of life. The man becomes insecure and hesitates to start a relationship and have sex (although there are many comfortable situations available for both partners to enjoy a small penis). The result is a large number of complexes.

In fact, you don’t have to use harmful synthetic drugs or go under the surgeon’s knife because it’s enough to use a pump for your penis and the sizes change.

Why do you need a penis pump?

The vacuum pump acts as a pump. Only he sucks out the air. As a result, a vacuum is created inside, which promotes active blood flow to the penis. This has several positive effects on the genitals at the same time:

  1. Enjoyment. With proper use, the man can pump for masturbation. It turns out a kind of massage.
  2. The sensitivity of the penis increases. Rushing blood helps strengthen the penis and increases the reactivity of the receptors. As a result, minimal contact can cause a permanent erection.
  3. Increased efficiency. If you sometimes have erection problems, using a pump can really help. It is especially good to use an erection ring at the same time. This blocks the flow of blood through the pump.
  4. Penis enlargement. This is done with regular use of the device, but it has a temporary effect. But still, it’s entirely possible to get a few inches.

The appearance of all these results depends on the frequency and correctness of the use of the tool.

History of the appearance of the pump

Initially, the pump was created in 1972 solely to handle potency. It was a medical device that contributed to the erection.

But over time, many began to notice "side effects" in the form of an increase in penis size. They then began using the pump to enlarge the penis. And over the years, it has also become a sex toy that is sold in many adult stores.

The penis is enlarged: myth or truth

A penis enlargement vacuum pump is not a magical tool to increase the knee length of the penis. There are many myths that unscrupulous asset sellers continue to spread.

First, it’s a story about a huge penis enlargement that lasts a long time. The effect lasts for a while after pumping, then blood flows out of the penis and the size recovers. With continuous use, blood flow may improve and then the size will increase for a long time, but will only be a few inches.

Another myth states that pumping affects libido and one desires everything that moves. This is not true. The use of the device affects the purely mechanical processes that take place within the genitals and pelvic organs. And attraction to the weaker sex is a matter of hormones.

How to enlarge your penis with a pump

The principle of operation of the pump is very similar to that of the pump. The apparatus is a flask connected to a pear. Expensive models have pressure gauges to control the pressure, as well as buttons to start the emergency air. Electric pumps are automatically controlled and considered more reliable.

When a person evacuates air manually or using the control panel, a vacuum is created inside the flask. The pressure rises, causing the blood to fill the cavernous body of the penis. To prolong this effect, it is recommended to use the device regularly. But this should not exceed 45 minutes of exposure.

It is recommended to use the erogen ring immediately after pumping. The blood then stays in the penis for a long time, ensuring a stable erection and a decent size.

In any case, it is advisable to consult a doctor, as the better you use the pump, the better the result.

It is important not to overdo it and follow all safety rules. Care should be taken to ensure that the flask is intact, free from damage and deformation during selection and subsequent use.

It is very dangerous to make such tools yourself. Without experience and the necessary knowledge, the home pump can be damaged and cause painful swelling in the penis. You may also want to choose a model that is slightly larger than your penis.

vacuum pumps for penis enlargement

Operating technique

Enlarging the penis with a pump is a complex process that requires proper technique. First, you need to take care of the lubrication. It provides better density and reduces inconvenience during the process. In order to prevent the lubricant from damaging the device, it is advisable to choose a water-based gel.

Before you start pumping your penis with a pump, be sure to shave all your hair. It can hurt if they get into the mechanism. Inspect the penis and pubic body for wounds, irritations and rashes.

The penis should then be placed in a flask and make sure it is pressed firmly against the surface of the body. If there are gaps, air will enter. This prevents pumping.

Then start pumping manually or with the button. The pump should be used for a certain period of time, starting from 20 minutes. It is then recommended to extend the duration of the procedure. This should be done gradually. If the pain and discomfort persists for a long time after using the pump and the penis becomes unhealthy, you should seek medical attention.

The product is very easy to care for: wash with soap and warm water. Do not drop or deform, as this may cause the device to leak and become dangerous to use.

Feelings when applying

The penis pump has different customer reviews. Most argue that the positive effect is noticeable and lasts long enough. As for feelings, many men claim that they do not experience serious discomfort. Especially when you start pumping at short intervals, gradually increasing it.

Sharp pain is either a malfunction of the device or a violation of the technique of use. In both cases, you must stop the procedure immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.

There are also negative reviews of the penis enlargement pump from those who may have observed the blue penis after the procedure. This occurs when the usage time has been exceeded.

Feelings depend directly on the type of device. Choosing a penis pump is a very responsible business. You have to spend money because cheap models not only fail but can even get damaged.

penis enlargement pumps


First, the pump is a medical device, so consult your doctor. It helps not only in choosing the right model, but also in checking the contraindications. There are several pathologies in which the use of the pump is prohibited:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Kidney or liver problems.
  3. Injury to the foreskin. This occurs if the flask is not the correct size. Therefore, you need to be careful in the store.
  4. Infectious diseases of the urogenital system.
  5. Blood clots.

If you use the device in violation of safety regulations, the following side effects may occur:

  • Darkening of the skin. Occurs under excessive pressure.
  • Penile swelling - occurs when the pumping time is exceeded.
  • Congestion around the foreskin.
  • Erection problems.

To avoid such phenomena, you must strictly adhere to the schedule of procedures and the time of use of the pump. In addition, you must purchase a device from a reputable manufacturer with a quality guarantee, a safety certificate, and in no case homemade.


Any man wants to be a man with a stable erection and a big penis. There are several ways to normalize size, even up to surgery. But it makes sense to go under the surgeon’s knife for a few extra inches. And I don’t want to take a lot of pills with unknown side effects.

It is better to buy a vacuum pump from a reputable manufacturer and increase the dignity yourself. The most important thing is to follow the instructions and check the contraindications before use, ideally consult a specialist.