How to grow a male genitals

how to grow a male member

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On average, women consider the normal size of male dignity to be 13. 8 cm, and the ideal length is 15. 8 cm. According to surveys, the average length of the penis in men is 14. 1 cm and the ideal organ is 16. 6 cm.

Does the Size of Male Dignity Matter: Girls' Opinions

However, according to a university survey, 68% of women whose penis size is below the national average want their partners to enjoy greater male dignity. However, the majority of female respondents in the study (85%) said they were still satisfied with their partner’s penis size.

In the same study, men were asked to rate their own dignity. More than half of the respondents (66%) rated their penis on average. 22% thought their penis was big, the remaining 12% thought their penis was small. Men who rated their reproductive organs highly tend to also find their overall appearance more attractive. This can mean that the size of the penis affects a person’s confidence in their own attractiveness.

More than a thousand men took part in the survey. They were asked how they felt after reading the women’s responses about penis size. The results showed the following:

  • 44% believe their penis size is normal
  • 19% are absolutely sure that their masculinity can satisfy most women,
  • 17% aren't sure about its size,
  • 9% aren't sure about the size of her penis, but she thinks she can satisfy a woman
  • 8% are absolutely sure of the size and that you can satisfy your partner.

Accuracy of tests and measurements

Despite thorough studies, there is still a huge margin of error when measuring penis size, especially when measured by men themselves. In addition, many factors can affect an erection: ambient temperature, mood, age, mental state.

How to measure your penis correctly?

There are two measurement methods. The first method is to measure the moment of excitement. The second is the measurement at rest. The results of both approaches show a difference of several millimeters.

Find the length of your penis with a ruler. Place one end in the area of ​​the bone above the penis. Be sure to push down the ruler until you feel the bone. This is to prevent disturbance of the pubic hair and fat in the measurement. Measure the length from the bone to the tip of the penis.

Tape measure can be used to obtain diameter data. Wrap it around the thicker part of the penis; it can be the middle or the bottom. If there is no tape measure but there is a ruler, you can measure the length of masculinity with a strip of paper, marking the diameter on it, and then attaching the paper to the ruler.

Male attractiveness was influenced by factors such as shoulder to hip ratio. The parameters of the penis were calculated in the same percentage as the height of the person. That is, growth is just as important.

Women paid more attention to the size of the genitals of tall men. Maybe it’s because of their prejudice that a man needs to be tall, or the fact that a tall man has a big phallus that seems more harmonious.

The optimal penis length during the survey was 13 cm at rest. The man’s attractiveness declined dramatically when the phallus was less than 7. 5 cm.

Polls didn't end there. Women were interested in the quality of the orgasm, the parameters of the genitals, the presence of pain during sex with someone who has significant parameters of the phallus. It turned out that the ideal size of a man's penis for short-term contact is 16, 1 cm long, and the circumference is not more than 12, 7 cm.

Experts found that men are more picky and dissatisfied with their parameters than their partners. Stronger sexes tend to think that their woman needs a bigger penis than she actually is.

What is the best penis size? Almost every man is ready to give himself a few more inches. And wherever you live, the difference between the term "ideal" and "average" will always be about 2 inches.

There is no doubt that the length and thickness of a man’s dignity play an important role in intimate life. It depends on her characteristics how fast the woman’s excitement grows as well as the brightness of the orgasm. Those who can boast of their size are able to moan, scream and writh with pleasure in a few minutes, gasping for pleasure.

Seventeen centimeters or more of a sexual organ can cause a lot of discomfort to both partners. Many deep intrusion situations are not available with such dignity. Maybe the girl hurts, then you have to forget the joy.

A small penis smaller than 10 cm does not make him an inferior man, but forces him to invent. The smaller the size, the more tricks and tricks you will have to use to please your sweetheart.

Big cocks perfectly stimulate the clitoris and other zones, but with deep penetration they cause pain and who wants to feel discomfort every day.

It’s quite different if casual sex rewards a girl with a good penis. It is now clear why there is no definite answer to the question of which penis size loves women the most.

For the weaker sex, penis size is not as important as the ability to use it. Even a small organ can satisfy.

Visually, of course, girls like more phalluses. There is always a strong floor on the beach, with prominent hills attracting attention.

How long do young ladies and young girls prefer the male body? Here the preferences are somewhat different because the girls recklessly chase the huge phalluses and the experienced ladies the quality of the process itself.

Results achieved:

  • the average length of the penis during an erection - 14, 2 cm;
  • the average circumference of the erect penis is 12, 2 cm.

Scientists have noticed that the results of self-assessment of their own size coincide with data from other scientific publications. Experts noted that the size of the penis is affected by the state of waking up after sleep and the source of excitement - watching the hand, preparing for sex or watching pornography.

To measure penis length correctly: Take a ruler and place it at the base of the penis. The length from the skin of the vulva to the beginning of the penis, to the end of the head is the length of the penis. To measure the circumference of your genitals, take a tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your penis.

Such a difference in perception, when one looks at his penis from above, somewhere from the side in a pornographic film, confirms the false notion of insufficient size. But how does a woman perceive the size of a man’s genitals?

The research publication finds that 85% of women are satisfied with the length and diameter of a man’s penis. But this does not inspire confidence in men.

45% of men think their penis is short. But research shows that the small reproductive organ is a statistical rarity.

A study interviewed 170 women. We obtained the result: although women pay attention to the magnitude of male dignity, this is significant only for a small proportion of respondents. At a time when most men fix their penis length, girls consider width and diameter important.

A study of 50 female students who have regular sex says 9 out of 10 girls pay attention to the width of their penis. Only 10% of girls are worried about their length. This percentage is explained by the fact that width plays a greater role than length in women’s sexual satisfaction.

Printed penis ranged in size from 10 cm to 20. 3 cm and in diameter from 5 cm to 18 cm. The selection of these values ​​was based on previous studies that reported the average size of the male genitalia: 15, 2 cm long, and 12 cm in diameter.

Three-dimensional models of penis are made of blue plastic - this is done so that when choosing a woman, racial ideas do not control the average size of the penis.

Penis size is a concern for a teenager, but after 20 years, when the body stops growing, men fear that the penis is big enough to satisfy their loved one. Surgical intervention is only allowed if it is needed. Therefore, those who are dissatisfied with themselves are looking for other ways. How to enlarge your penis at home, and what is needed for this - there are many methods and technologies for self-extension, it is important to choose the most appropriate for you.

How realistic is it at home to enlarge your penis?

There is information on the Internet that allows you to completely increase the diameter and length to 5 cm.

how much can you increase your penis at home

The result depends on several factors:

  • Physiological characteristics - if a person is prone to rapid growth, the genitals will increase significantly with the use of different methods;
  • Endurance - the process of stretching the tissues is slow, so you need to spend time to get the result;
  • Regularity - no matter which technique is chosen, it should be used regularly and procedures should be performed without skipping.

Sometimes it is possible to enlarge the penis by 1-2 cm, but this is a significant result, and not all women focus on size.


Special exercises are helpful in penis enlargement. This option is ideal for allergy sufferers who avoid using different preparations on their penis.

The 3 most effective exercises, each of which is discussed in detail below. . .


Enlarging your penis at home is the easiest stretch. The penis should be grasped at the head and pulled out. We recommend that you perform the procedure at different angles. It is important to gradually increase the impact force to avoid tissue damage.

Allow 10-15 minutes for a stretching job, only under these conditions can results be achieved.

Seat extensions

For this exercise, the penis must be brought to a semi-erect state. The essence of the method is to pull the penis down and pull it back and then the man sits on it.

This type of exercise allows you to enlarge, lengthen, and increase the diameter of the base of your penis. The mechanism of action is to increase the pressure in the corpora cavernosa.


This gymnastics method also requires incomplete bracing. It is necessary to bend the penis in different directions, to listen to your own feelings - it is important that there is no serious discomfort.

If manipulation is painful, this practice should be stopped immediately. Next time, you need to be more careful to avoid tissue damage.

Sprays and gels

sprays, gels, ointments to enlarge the penis

Creams designed to enlarge the penis allow you to perform this procedure on your own without damaging the body. All products are made from organic ingredients, which minimizes the number of contraindications for men.

By mode of action, drugs are divided into 3 groups:

  • Long-term - requires course use, after which the penis retains the acquired size forever;
  • Short-term - the operation takes several hours and helps the penis to enlarge during intimacy;
  • Supplement - their use enhances the effect of other drugs designed to change the length and thickness of the genitals.

Penis enlargement with folk remedies

In addition to exercises and innovative, natural preparations, you can also enlarge your penis with folk remedies.

Standard baking soda comes first, and phytotherapy also helps - herbal and herbal-based therapies can be applied externally, as well as infusions and decoctions of beverages.


Baking soda is sold everywhere and costs a penny, so the methods it uses are not only effective, but have little impact on the budget.

  • Compresses with soda. To prepare, mix the soda powder with honey and apply to the full length of the penis, avoiding the head;
  • Soda baths. They can help improve your blood supply and prevent inflammation. It is recommended to perform the procedure before sexual intercourse, having previously achieved an erection;
  • Baking soda. It enlarges the penis and prevents urological diseases. Manipulations should only be done after a hot shower, finally it is important to apply a moisturizer to the penis;
  • Soda massage. First apply base or olive oil to the penis, then massage with soda and a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Wait 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Oral medication

Some herbs and spices help to lengthen your penis if you take regular infusions, tinctures and decoctions:

  • wormwood decoction. Boil 5 g of wormwood seeds in cold water for 10 minutes. Wait for the product to cool and filter. Consume 100 ml twice a day;
  • Garlic tincture. Stick to 200 g of garlic 250 ml of high-quality alcohol, previously crushed into a thick mass. Leave in a closed bottle for 10 days. Drink 25 drops in the morning and evening for 3 months;
  • Infusion with thyme. Pour 100 g of dry herb with 300 ml of boiling water and wait until it cools down naturally. Pass through the cheesecloth and after waking up, drink for 120 days before going to bed.

Tools for external use

Herbal medicines help not only internally but also externally. A known method is to use aloe juice. From the "adult" leaves, the liquid should be squeezed out, cut off at the roots, and the penis rubbed with juice.

Horse chestnut tincture, available at the pharmacy or home-made, has the same effect. An aqueous infusion of ginseng root, ginkgo biloba leaves, and hawthorn fruit is recommended to be rubbed into the skin of the penis to increase its size.

Other methods

other methods of penis enlargement

You can also change the size and length of your penis with a pump, extension and accessories.

The first method enlarges the penis by placing it in a vacuum environment. It activates blood flow, the blood rushes towards the phallus, causing not only its length but also its diameter to change. It is important to control the pressure level so that you do not harm yourself by overdoing it.


Extender is a special device that is attached to the belt or hip. The device is called an alternative to surgery, not only to change the parameters, but also to eliminate the curvature of the organ. The device should be worn for several hours a day, during which time the tissues of the organ will elongate and begin to grow to relieve tension. Wearing an extension cord helps to increase size permanently.

Attachments are an option for men who need to lengthen their penis during their sex lives. A silicone device is placed on the phallus, which causes it to resize. Various models are available that allow you to determine the required parameters independently.

One way to change the length of your penis with improvised devices is to hang weights. The method is quite controversial because men often injure tissues and cavernous bodies in order to achieve a faster result. The mechanism of action is the attachment to body weight, which causes the member to lengthen.

Men are sometimes dissatisfied with the full size of their penis, but they usually enlarge the vagina of their penis. There are various practices for this, one of which is as follows:

  • Sit down on the edge of a chair and spread your legs apart;
  • Press the phallus at the bottom;
  • Hit them one by one in the thighs.

An important condition is the absence of pain or discomfort. Due to its hardening, changes in the size of the head occur.

Each person independently chooses the right method for him, while fully understanding that penis extension is a lengthy procedure. You need to make an effort and remember regularity to achieve a lasting impact.